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Wine Quiz: Test Your Knowledge about Wine – It’s Fun! Know More than Your Friends?

The wine quiz has twelve true-false questions. See how much you know about wine. The answers to the wine quiz are at the bottom of the page. Wine Quiz 1. Red grapes can make white wine. True or False? 2. Wines get darker as they age. True or False? 3. Poor soil tends to produce […]

Good Wine at a Reasonable Price: the Secret to Finding It

How can you find good wine at a reasonable price? That can be a daunting challenge. Selecting wine can seem overwhelming. Thousands of bottles from around the world line might line the shelves. They can range in price from three dollars to $300 to even much more. It can seem like too many choices. You simply […]

History of Beer in the 15th Century: Timeline

The history of beer in the 15th century was a period of slow change. But there were efforts to ensure the quality of beer and ale. 15th Century •Mothers brewed ale for their children. •Commercial breweries were established in Switzerland. 1420 German brewers developed the lager method of brewing. Germans liked cold temperature lagers (bottom-fermented). […]

Beginnings of Wine

The beginnings of wine extend back many thousands  of years before recorded history. It was easily made. Indeed, it occurs naturally and was discovered rather than invented. Wine has been used for many purposes throughout history. It’s been an important source of nourishment. But it’s also been a source of energy sanitary alternative to polluted […]

History of Wine Timeline: Beginnings to Present

Beginnings People have used wine since long before recorded history. Much about the earliest history of wine is hidden in the darkness of time. But archaeology and analytic chemistry have shed light on some of the origins of wine. The history of wine goes back at least 12,000 years. But we know many of the […]

Wine in the 20th Century

Wine in the 20th century underwent many changes. Therefore, the century is divided into three sections. 1900-1940s. 1940s-1980s. 1980s-Present.   I. Wine in the 20th Century: 1900 to 1940s Early 20th Century The most popular wine in the U.S. in volume purchased was Virginia Dare. It was produced in North Carolina. Both the whites and […]

Wine in the 18th Century

The period of 1700 t0 1799 was one of enlightenment. Technology advanced  and political ideals were popular. Wine in the 18th century reflected societal changes. Important for wine were both technological and social revolutions. Wine During the Eighteenth Century • Winemaking began in Australia (New South Wales) in the late part of the century.1 • […]

Wine in the 19th Century

Industrialization grew quickly during the century but had little direct impact on wine. It was nature that had the big impact through the spread of Phylloxera. That’s an insect that kills grape vines. Most of Europe’s vineyards were destroyed or badly damaged. The future of wine in the 19th century looked bleak. Then an obscure […]

Wine in Early Christianity

Wine had become popular among the Greeks and Romans. Its popularity was strengthened with the expansion of the new religion of Christianity. The Church promoted the use of wine. During  the chaos and decay of the Dark Ages it maintained vineyards and knowledge of winemaking. Indeed, monks spent time improving both vineyards and winemaking. Wine […]

Wine in the Renaissance

The Renaissance was that period of societal re-birth that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages. Art, logic, and learning flourished. It all began to emerge very slowly. And it didn’t occur everywhere at the same time. This makes it hard  to date its beginning. Historians disagree. But many set it at around 1300. Wine […]

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