Temperance Organizations Around the World: Timeline

Temperance organizations around the world are listed by date of founding. All are non-governmental (NGOs). However, branches of international organizations are not listed.

There are three sections of information.

  I. Temperance Organizations around the World.

 II. Index of Temperance Organizations by Location.

III. Resources for More Information

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I. Temperance Organizations around the World Timeline

The Nineteenth Century

Total Abstinence Society. (U.S.)

Simsbury [Connecticutt] Aquatics. (U.S.)
Sober Society. (U.S.)

Union Temperance Society of Moreau and Northumberland. (U.S.)

North Litchfield Association of Congregational Ministers. (U.S.)

tempernce organizations around the world
American Tract Society Building

Massachusetts Society for the Suppression of Intemperance.
American Tract Society.
Society for the Reformation of Morals. (U.S.)

Sixty-Nine Society. (U.S.)

Skibbereen Total Abstinence Society. (Ireland)

Primitive Methodist Church Temperance and Social Welfare Department. (England)

American Society for the Promotion of Temperance. Usually called the American Temperance Society.
Venango County [Pennsylvania] Temperance Society. (U.S.)
Virginia Temperance Society. (U.S.)

temperance organizations around the world
Montreal Temperance Society pledge form.

Montreal Temperance Society.
Pennsylvania Society for Discouraging the Use of Ardent Spirits.

Beaver River Total Abstinence Society. (Canada)
Georgia State Temperance Society. (U.S.)’
Montreal Society for the Promotion of Temperance.
Pittsford [Vermont] Temperance Society
Young Men’s Temperance Society. (U.S.)

Augusta Temperance Society (Georgia).
Connecticut State Temperance Society.
Georges Creek [Pennsylvania] Temperance Society. (U.S.)
Glasgow and West of Scotland Temperance Society.
Methodist Church of Ireland Temperance Department.
New Ross Temperance Society. (Ireland)
New York State Temperance Society.
New York City Temperance Society.
Pittsford [Vermont] Temperance Society
Ulster Temperance Society. (Ireland)temperance organizations around the world

Bradford Society (England)
London Temperance Society.
Liverpool Temperance Society. (England)
Scottish Temperance Society.

British and Foreign Temperance Society.
Paisley Youths’ Total Abstinence Society. (Scotland)

Family Temperance Society. (U.S.)
New South Wales Temperance Society. (Australia)
Pittsburg Temperance Society.
Preston Temperance Society. (England)
Street Temperance Society. (England)
Tradeston Total Abstinence Society. (Scotland)

British Association for the Promotion of Temperance.
Chicago Temperance Society.
Congressional Temperance Society. (U.S.)
Maine Temperance Society
Manchester Temperance Society (England)
Massachusetts Legislative Temperance Society (legislators)
Massachusetts Temperance Society.
Temperance Society of the New York College of Surgeons and Physicians.
United States Temperance Union.
Young Men’s Temperance Society. (Canada)

(New Jersey) State temperance Society. (U.S.)Temperance Crusaders

British Teetotal Temperance Society.
Cold Water Army. (U.S.)
Independent Order of Rechabites. (England)
Strabane Total Abstinence Society. (Ireland)

American Temperance Union.
Cherokee Temperance Society. (U.S.)
London Mechanics’ Temperance Institution . (England)
New British and Foreign Society for the Suppression of Intemperance.
North of Wales Temperance Federation.
United States Temperance Society.

Belfast Total Abstinence Society.
Chelsea Auxiliary Society for the Suppression of Intemperance. (England)
Maine Temperance Union.
Svenska Sällskapet för Nykterhet och Folkuppfostran. (Swedeish Temperance Society)
Svenska Sällskapet for Nykterhet och Folkuppfostran. (Swedish Society for Temperance and Popular Education)
Western Temperance League. (England)

temperance organizations around the worldAustralian Total Abstinence Society.
Gwent and Morganwg Temperance Association. (Wales)
Knights of Father Mathew. (Ireland)
Massachusetts Temperance Union.
Societe Vaudoise de Temperance. (Switzerland)
Scottish Temperance Union.
Western Australia Temperance Society.

British and Foreign Society for the Suppression of Intemperance.
Diocesan Temperance Society. (Canada)
Evangelical Association (of the Evangelical Church) (U.S.)
Massachusetts Temperance Union.
New British and Foreign Temperance Society.
Port Philip Temperance Society. (Australia)

Adelaide Total Abstinence Society. (Australia)
Church of England Temperance Society.
Committee on Temperance of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland.
Friends’ Temperance Union. (England)
Independent Temperance Society. (Canada)
Metropolitan Catholic Total Abstinence Society (London)
Norske Forening mod Brandivino-drink. (A Norwegian temperance organization)
South India Temperance Union.
Washingtonian Total Abstinence Society. (U.S.)

temperance group1841
Pembrokeshire Temperance Union. (Wales)
Sydney Total Abstinence Benefit Society.

Auckland Total Abstinence Society.
Hobart Town Total Abstinence Society. (Australia)
Melbourne Total Abstinence Society.
National Temperance Society. (England)
Nederlandse Vereniging tot Afschaffing van Alcoholhoudende Dranken. (Netherlands Association for the Abolition of Alcoholic Beverages)
Nelson Temperance Society. (Australia)
Sons of Temperance. (U.S.)
Van Dieman’s Land Total Abstinence and Temperance Society. (Australia)

Central Temperance Association. (England)
Daughters of Temperance. (U.S.)
Northern Temperance Association. (England)
True Teetotal Union. (England)

temperance organizations around the world
Scottish Temperance League building in Glasgow.

Collingwood Total Abstinence Society. (Australia)St. John Roman Catholic Total Abstinence Relief Society. (Canada)
Scottish Temperance League.

British League of Juvenile Abstainers.
Norske Forening mod Brandivino Drink. (Norwegian Union Against Brandy-Drinking)
Oahu Temperance Society. (U.S.)
Templars of Honor and Temperance. (U.S.)

Cadets of Temperance.


temperance group membership card
Band of Hope membership card.

Band of Hope. (England)
British Long-Pledge Teetotal League.
Knights of Jerico. (U.S.)
Temperance Reformation Society. (Canads)

Anti-Beer-Shop Association (England)
Daughters of Temperance. (U.S.)
London Temperance League
Norwegian-American Temperance Society.

Brotherhood of Temperance Watchmen. (U.S.)
Morton Bay Temperance Society. (Australia)
United Free Church of Scotland Assembly’s Temperance Committee.

Church of Scotland Abstinence Society for the Suppression of Drunkenness.


temperance organizations around the world
International Order of Good Templars

Carson League (U.S.)
Independent Order of Good Templars. (England)
Irish Presbyterian Church Temperance Committee.
Woman’s New York State Temperance Society.

Women’s New York State Temperance Society.

Canadian Prohibitory Law League.
Missouri Temperance Union. (U.S.)
Temperance Advocates’ Association. (England)
United Kingdom Alliance for the Total and Immediate Suppression of the Liquor Traffic by the Will of the People.
Victorian Liquor Law League. (Australia)

Temperance Permanent Building Society. (England)

Temperance, Settlers and Miners. (U.S.)

Midland Temperance League (England)
Students’ Total Abstinence Union. (England)
Tasmanian Temperance Alliance. (Australia)

National Temperance League. (England)

New South Wales Alliance for the Suppression of Intemperance. (Australia)
Temperance League of Victoria. (Australia)

Sons of TemperanceBritish-American Order of Good Templars. (Canada)
Congregation of the Missionary Priests of St. Paul, the Apostle. (U.S.)
Irish Temperance League.
The North of England Temperance League.
St. John Total Abstinence and Benefit Society. (Canada)
Scottish Permissive Bill and Temperance Association.

Dorset and Southern Counties Temperance Association (England)
Massachusetts Temperance Alliance.
North of Scotland Temperance Union.
Stavanger Junior Abstinence Society. (Norway)

Temperance Flying Artillery. (U.S.)


total alcohol abstinent society
United Order of the Total Abstinent Sons of the Phoenix Friendly Society

Action Sociale Antialcoolique.  A French student abstinence society.
East of England Temperance League.
Ladies’ National Association for the Promotion of Temperance. (England)
Temperance Lifeboat Crews. (England)
United Order of the Total Abstinent Sons of the Phoenix Friends Society. (England)

Church of England Total Abstinence Society.
Det Norske Totalavholdsselskap. (The Norwegian Total Abstinence Society)
Soldiers’ Total Abstinence Association. (India)

Bengal Temperance Society. (India)
Manchester, Salford and District Temperance Union (England)
Royal Naval Temperance Society. (England)
United Canadian Alliance for the Suppression of the Liquor Traffic.

Baranagar Temperance Society. (India)
South of Ireland Temperance League.


Temperance Society
Royal Naval Temperance Society medal.

British Order of Good Templars.
Connecticut Temperance Union.
Friends of Temperance. (U.S.)
Knights of Temperance. (U.S.)
National Temperance Society and Publishing House. (U.S.)
Sons of the Soil. (U.S.)

Central Association for Stopping the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday. (England)
Irish Association for Closing Public Houses on Sunday.

Sons of Jonadab. (U.S.)

Good Samaritan Brotherhood (U.S.)

temperance organizations around the world
Principles of the Prohibition Party

Canada Temperance Union.
Prohibition National Committee.  (U.S.)
Prohibition Party. (U.S.)
Rhode Island State Temperance Union.
Thames Permissive Bill Association (New Zealand)

General Assembly of America. (MA)
New South Wales Political Association for the Suppression of Intemperance.
Quebec Temperance and Prohibitory League.
Royal Templars of Temperance. (U.S.)

temperance organizations
Church of England Temperance Society medal.

Massachusetts Total Abstinence Society.
United Friends of Temperance. (U.S.)

Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America.
Knights of Father Mathew. (U.S.)
Ligue Nationale Contre l’Alcohoolisme. (National League Against Alcoholism) (France)
Société Française de Tempérance. (French Temperance Society)
United Order of True Reformers. (U.S.)

Church of England Temperance Society.
Order of True Templars. (South Africa)

Baptist Total Abstinence Association. (England And Wales)
Belfast Ladies’ Temperance Association
Bible Temperance Association. (Ireland)
Confraternity of the Sacred Thirst of Our Lord. (Ireland)
temperance organizations around the worldCongregational Union of England and Wales, Committee for the
Dominion Prohibition Council (Canada)
Promotion of Temperance.
Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. (U.S.)
Woman’s Temperance League. (U.S.)
National Christian Temperance Alliance.

Yokohama Japanese Temperance Society.
Young People’s Branch of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. (U.S.)

American National Party.
British Medical Temperance Association.
Church of Ireland Temperance Society.
Dominion Alliance for the Total Suppression of the Liquor Traffic (Canada)
Habitual Drunkards. (England)
National British Women’s Temperance Association.
Orange Temperance Alliance. (Australia)
Society for Promoting Legislation for the Control and Cure of Intemperance.
United Order of the Golden Cross. (U.S.)
United Temperance Association. (England)
Volksbond Tegen Drankmisbruik. (People’s League Against Drunkenness). (Netherlands)

temperance organizations around the worldBritish Women’s Temperance Association.
Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Tempérance de la Croix-Bleue. (International Federation of Blue Cross Societies) (Switzerland)
Maryland Temperance Alliance
National Christian Temperance UnionPost Office Total Abstinence Society. (England)
Société Suisse de Tempérance. (Swiss Temperance Society)

Northern Temperance Alliance, (Australia)
United Working Women’s Teetotal League. (England)

l’Association belge contre l’abus des boissons alcooliques. (Belgian Association Against the Abuse of Alcoholic Drinks)
Danmarks Afholdsforening. (Denmark’s Temperance Society)
Kansas State Temperance Union. (U.S.)
Massachusetts Woman’s Christian Prohibitory League.
Young Abstainers’ Union. (England)

Travellers’ (Showmen’s) National Total Abstinence Union. (England)


temperance organizations around the world
Episcopal Church shield

Church Temperance Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church  (U.S.)
Diocesan Temperance Society of the Church of England. (Bahamas)
Local Option Alliance. (U.S.)
Victorian Alliance for the Total and Immediate Suppression of the Traffic in all Intoxicating Liquors. (Australia)

The Church Army. (England)
Nationale Christen Geheel-Onthouders Vereeniging. (National Christian Total Abstinence Society) (Netherlands)
New York State Prohibitory Association.
Prohibition and Home Protection Party. (U.S.)
United Kingdom Railway Temperance Union.

temperance organization
Current logo of Current logo of Raittiuden Ystävät ry.

American National Temple of True Templars.
Deutscher Verein gegen den Missbrauch geistiger Getränke. (German Socialists against the Abuse of Spiritous Liquors)
The National Temperance Federation. (England)
New South Wales Local Option League.
Raittiuden Ystävät ry.  (Friends of Sobriety) (Finland)
Women’s Prohibition League. (Canada)

International Congress Against Alcoholism. (Belgium)
La Ligue Patriotique vontra l’Alcoolisme. (Belgian Association Against the Abuse of Alcoholic Drinks)
Oesterreichischer Verein gegen Trinksucht (Austrian Society for Checking Inebriety.
South Australian Alliance for the Suppression of the Liquor Traffic.
World’ s Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Arkansas Prohibition Alliance.
Baptist Church Temperance Association. (Australia)
Congregational Union Temperance Association. (Australia)
Minnesota Total Abstinence Association.
New Jersey State Temperance Alliance.
Presbyterian Church Temperance Association. (Australia)
Republican Prohibitionists of Kansas.
Samfundet til Aedrlueligheds Fremme. (Society for the Promotion of Temperance) (Denmark)

Chiltern Hills Temperance Federation. (England)
Commercial Temperance League. (U.S.)
Lincoln County [South Dakota] No-License League. (U.S.)
New Zealand Alliance for the Suppression and Prohibition of the Liquor Traffic.
South Wales and Monmouthshire Temperance Association
Toronto Young Men’s Temperance League.
Unitarian Temperance Society. (U.S.)

temperance organizations around the world1887
Anti-Treating Society (England)
Citizen’s League of Chicago.
Glasgow (Church of Scotland) Abstainers’ Union.
Philippopolis Temperance Society. (Bulgaria)

Afholdssam Fundet. A Danish temperance society.
Anglo-Indian Temperance Association. (India)
Army Temperance Association (England)
Finnish National Brothers Temperance Association. (U.S.)
Knights of Father Mathew. (Ireland)
League of the Sacred Heart for the Suppression of Intemperance. (Ireland)
Massachusetts No-License League
National Anti-Nuisance League (U.S.)
Upsala Students’ Total Abstinence Society
Washington State Temperance Alliance.

Afholdstalernes Forbund. A Danish temperance speakers’ alliance.
Easti Koraskusliit Esthonian. (Estonian Temperance League)
Epworth League (U.S.)
Liga contra el Alcoholismo. (League against Alcoholism) (Chile)
North Dakota Non-Partisan Temperance Alliance.
North Dakota Prohibition Alliance
South African Temperance Alliance.
Tah t (wick or star) (abstinence society) (Estonia)

Abstinence. (Russia)
Blue Ribbon League (Hawaii)
Canadian Temperance League.
Madras Temperance League (India)
Non-Partisan Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (U.S.)
Sydenham Prohibition League. (Australia)

temperance organizations around the world1891
American Medical Temperance Association.
Amritsar Temperance Society. (India)
Auseklis (the Dawn) (Latvia)
National Commercial Temperance League (England)
North Dakota Enforcement League. (U.S.)
Sociedad de Temperancia de Ambos Sexos. (Temperance Society for Both Sexes. (Chile)
Temperance Collegiate Associationb. (England)

Central Committee of Temperance Legia 21 de Mayo. (Chile)
Ligue Patriotique Suisse contre l’Alcoolisme. (Swiss Patriotic League against Alcoholism)
Manitoba Prohibition League.
Masterton Prohibition League. (New Zealand)
Norske Kvinders Totalavholdsselskap. (Norwegian Women’s Total Abstinence Society)

Anti-Saloon League. (U.S.)
Bulgarian Temperance Union.
L’Espoir. (Hope) (Switzerland)
Kent County Temperance Federation. (England)
Libertas (student temperance organization) (Switzerland)
Nederlandsche Christen-Vrouwen Geheelonthouders Unie. (Netherlands Union of Christian Women Total Abstainers)
Nederlandsche Onderwijzers Propaganda-Club voor drankbestrijding. (Netherlands Teachers’ Antialcohol Propaganda Club)
Norsk Jernbane Avholdsforbund. (Norwegian Railwaymen’s Temperance Society)
St. Gall Total Abstinence Association. (Switzerland)
Woman’s Total Abstinence Union. (England)

temperance organizations around the world1894
Irish Women’s Temperance Union.
Quadruple Temperance Society. (Siam)
South Dakota Scandinavian Total Abstinence Association.
Zürcher Frauenverein für Alkoholfreie Wirtschaften. (Zurich Women’s League for Temperance Restaurants)

Abstinence League (England)
Antialcooliuque (French Antialcohol Union).
Association de la Jeunesse Française Tempérante. (French Young People’s Temperance Union)
Le Bien être Social. (The Social Welfare) (Belgium)
Central Committee. (Switzerland)Deaconesses National Total
Liga Porvenir del Perú . (Future of Peru League)
Madras Hindu Good Templars League (India)
National Council of the Evangelical, Free Churches (England)
Prohibition League of Utah.
Prohibition Union of Christian Men. (U.S.)
Russian Committee for the Study of Alcoholism.
sSchweizerischen Katholischen Abstinenten-Liga. (Swiss Catholic Abstinence League)
Société contre l ‘Usage des boissons spiritueuses. (Society against the Use of Spiritous Beverages) (France)

Bombay Temperance Council.
Calvinistic Methodist Temperance Society. (England and Wales)
Local Option League of Tennessee. (U.S.)
Metropolitan temperance and Purity Association. (India)
New Brunswick Prohibition Association. (Canada)
North Dakota Total Abstinence Association
Nykterhetsorden Verdandi. (Verdandi Temperance Order) (Sweden)
Sveriges Studerande Ungdoms Helnykterhetsförbund. (Swedish Students’ Total Abstinence Society)
The Temperance Ironsides.(England)
Verein Abstinenter Ärzte des Deutschen Sprachgebiets. (Association of Abstaining Physicians in German Speaking Districts) of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Czechoslovakia.(Germany)

temperance organizations around the world1897
Catholic League Against Alcohollism) (Belgium)
Christian Civic League of Maine.
Danmarks Afholdsforenings Laererforbund. (Teachers’ League of Danmarks Afholdsforening)
Ligue Internationale Catholique Contre l’alcoolisme. (Netherlands)
National Association of Temperance Officials (England)
Tokyo Associate Temperance Committee.
Young People’s Christian Temperance Union. (U.S.)
Young People’s Prohibition League. (U.S.)

Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart. (Ireland)
Schweizerischer Verein Abstinenter Lehrer und Lehrerinnen. (Swiss)
Societe Luxembourgeoise contre l’Abuse des Boissons Alcohooliques. (Society against the Abuse of Alcoholic Drinks).
Society of Abstaining Teachers.  (Luxemburg)
Société Médicale Belge de Tempérance. (Belgian Medical Temperance Society)
United Christian Party. (U.S.)

Royal Templars of Temperance1899
Consejo General Chileno de Temperancia (General Temperance Council of Chile)
Liga Porvenir del Callao. (Peru)
Ligue de Femmes Suisses Contre l’Alcoholisme. (League of Swiss Women Against Alcohol)
Schweizerischer Alkoholgegnerbund. (Swiss Antialkohol League)
Schweizerrische Katholische Abstinente Studentenliga. (Swiss League of Abstaining Catholic Students)
Union des Femmes Belges Contre l’Alcohoolisme. (Belgian Women’s Union Against Alcoholism)
Verein der Abstinenten (Society of Austrian Abstainers)

The Twentieth Century

Allianz-Abstinentenbund. Temperance League of the Methodist Church in Switzerland.
Children’s Protection League (England)
Christian Anti-License League. (U.S.)
Danske Afholdsselskabers Landsforbund. (Danish Temperance Societies Central Union)
Fédération de la Croix-Blanche (Federation of the White Cross) (France)
Gereformeerde Vereeniging voor Drankbestrijding. (Calvinistic Society for the Struggle against Alcoholism) (Netherlands)
Société Lorraine de Tempérance. (Lorraine Temperance Society) (France)
Sozialistischer Abstinentenbund der Schweiz. (League of Abstaining Socialists of Switzerland)temperance organizations around the world

Centralförbundet för nykterhetsundervisning. (Central Association for Instruction in Temperance) (Sweden)
Central Public House Trust Association. (England)
Katholische Kreuzbundllnis gegen der Alkoholismus fur Oesterreich. (Austrian Catholic League of the Cross against Alcoholism)
Miniwaken Yatkesni Okodakiciye. (Sioux Temperance League) (U.S.)
Intercollegiate Temperance Association. (U.S.)
The Prohibition Alliance. (U.S.)
St. Andrews Order of the Reformed Templars of Scotland.
Jarnvag Mannens Helnykterhet Forbund. (Railwaymen’s Temperance Alliance)
Temperance Collegiate Association. (England)

Consejo Centeral de Temperancia. (Central Temperance Council ) (Chile)
Liga Anti-alcoholica Nacional (National Anti-alcohol League). (Mexico)
Delaware State Temperance Alliance (U.S.)
Österreichischer Priester Abstinentenbund. (Austrian Abstaining Priests’ League)
Eleuteria (Liberty) (Poland)
Secretariat Antialcoolique Suisse. (Swiss Temperance Bureau)
Landskomiteen for Avholdsundervising. (National Committee for Temperance Instruction) (Norway)
Svenska Lakarnas Nykterhets Forening. (Swedish Physicians’ Temperance Union)
Swedish-Finnish Temperance Association of America.
Swiss League of Abstaining Women.
Schweizerischer Verein Abstinenter Lehrer und Lehrerinnen. (Swiss Society of Abstaining Teachers)

temperance organizations around the world
“Had we done thus, perchance our Nations had not died.”

Allgemeiner Deutsche Zentralverband Zur Bekampfung des Alkoholismus. (German Alliance to Eliminate Alcoholism)
Deutscher Arbeiter Abstinenten-Bund. (German Society of Abstaining Workmen)
Deutscher Bund Enthaltamer Pfarrer. (German League of Abstaining Clergymen)
Eleusis (Light) (Poland)
Ligue Nationale Contre l’Alcoolisme (National League Against Alcoholism) (France)
Lincoln-Lee Legion.(U.S.)
Société Antialcoolique des Agents des Chemins de fer Français. (Antialcoholic Society of French Railway Employees)
South Carolina Temperance Law and Order League.
Texas Local Option Association.

Alcoholismus. (Alcoholism) (Germany)
All-India Temperance Council.
Fédération des Ligues Catholiques de Tempérance de Belgique (Belgian Federation of Catholic Temperance Leagues)
Norges Studerende Ungdoms. (Norwegian Students’ Temperance Society)
West Australian Alliance.

Arbeiter-Absti-Nentenbund in es Öterreich. An Austrian working men’s abstinence society.
Avholdsfolkets Landsnevnd. (National Temperance Committee). (Norway)
Central Temperance Legislation Board. (England)
Egyptian Temperance Society.
Finlands Svenska Nykterhets Forbund. (Swedish Temperance Alliance in Finland) (Finland)

Öesterreichische Gesellschaft gegen de Trinksitten. An Austrian temperance group similar to the Good Templars.
Ordre Indépendant Neutre des Bons Templiers. (Neutral Independent Order of Good Templars) (Switzerland)
Scientific Temperance Federation. (U.S.)
Sveriges Larares Nykterhetsforbund. (Swedish Teachers’ Temperance Union)
Vereinigung Abstinenter Pfarrer in der Schweiz. (Association of Abstaining Swiss Pastors)

Abstinentia. (Abstinence) (Switzerland)
Alberta Temperance and Moral Reform League.
Chicago Law and Order League.
Savez Trezvene Mladezi. (Union of Abstaining Youth) (Serbia)
Norges Laereres Avholdslag. (Norwegian Society of Abstaining Teachers)
Students’ Abstinence Association. (Czechoslovakia)
Sveriges Nykterhetssallskaps Representantforsamling. (Association of Swedish Temperance Societies)
United Methodist Church Temperance Committee. (England)

ÄŒeskoslovenský Abstinentní Svaz. (Czechoslovakian Abstainer’s League)
Colored Anti-Saloon League of America.
Devalaya Association. (India)
Lietuvių Katalikų Blaivybės Draugija. (Lithukanian Catholic Temperance Association)
Nova Scotia Temperance Alliance. (Canada)
Zentralverband Österreichischer Alkoholgegnervereine. (Central Federation of Austrian Antialcohol Societies)

Catch-My-Pal Total Abstinence Union. (Ireland)
Norske Presters Avoholdslag. (Norwegian Society of Abstaining Priests)
Southern Negro Anti-Saloon Federation. (U.S.)
True Temperance Association. (England)
Vereening van Geheelonthouders Netherlandsch Spoor- entramwegpersoneel. (Union of Dutch Rail and Tramway Abstaining Employees)

temperance organizations around the world1910
Norges Handelsstands Totalavholdsforbund. (Norwegian Merchants Total Abstinence League)
Woman’s Prohibition League of America.

Association des Médecins Abstinents Suisses. (Association of Swiss Abstaining Physicians)
Association Suisse des Jeunes Filles Abstinentes. (Association of Abstaining Swiss Girls)
Association Suisse des Pharmaciens Abstinents (Swiss Association of Abstaining Pharmacists)
Burma Youth’s Temperance League.
Liga Antialcoholica Espanola. (Antialcoholic League of Spain)
Temperance Commission of 1911. (Austria)

Catholic Women’s Auxiliary of the Anti-Saloon League of America.
Comite National Antialcoolique (Belgium)
Danmarks Afholdsforenings Ungdomsforbune. (Juvenile League of Danmarks Afholdsforening)
Sociedad Nacional de Temperancia. (National Temperance Society) (Peru)

Allied Temperance Committee. (U.S.)
Allied Temperance Organizations (U.S.)
Crux (Italy)
National Temperance Council. (U.S.)
Norges Kristelige Ungdomsforbunds Avhopldsgruppe. (Temperance Group of Norwegian Christian Young Men’s Societies)

L’Alarme: Societe Francaise de’Action Contre L’Alcoolisme.
Catholic Total Abstinence Federation of Ireland.
Flying Squadron of America.

temperance organizations around the worldAssociation of Catholics Favoring Prohibition (U.S.)
Liga Nacional Contra El Alcoholismo. (National League Against Alcoholism. (Uruguay)
Temperance Council of the Christian Churches of England and Wales.
Torquay United Temperance Council. (England)
Australian Prohibition Council.
Committee of Sixty on National Prohibition. (U.S.)
Dry Chicago Federation.
Nationale Bond voor Plaatselijke Keuze. (National Union for Local Option) (Netherlands)
Strength of Britain Movement, Ltd.
Union des Francaises Contre l’Alcool. (Union of French Women Against Alcohol)
Young People’s Prohibition League. (Australia)

Methodist Board of Temperance, Prohibition, and Public Morals.

temperance organizations around the world
The reference to “Hun” is to direct hostility toward Germans during WW I toward alcohol.

Eastern Temperance League (England)
Liga Antialcoholica de Quezaltenango. (Antalcohol League of Quezaltenango) (Guatemala)
Ohio Dry Federation.
Schweizerische Gesellschaft fur das Gemeindebestimmungsrecht. (Swiss Association for Local Option)
South African Temperance Alliance.
Ulster Temperance Council. (Ireland)

Citizen’s League. (Bermuda)
Danske Afholdsfolkenes Oplysningskontor. (Danish Temperance Information Bureau)
Queensland Prohibition League.
Queensland Strength of Empire Movement. (In spite of the name, it was an organization.)
Temperance Education Board. (Ireland)

Allied Citizens of America.
Association of the Green Cross. (Also called
Catholic Clergy Prohibition League of America.
Congres Permanent des Abstinents Prohibitionistes Francais. (Permanent Congress of French Prohibitionist Abstainers.
Czechoslovakian Popular Abstinence Society.
Deutsche Gemeinschaft fur Alkoholfrie Kultur. (German Society of Alcohol-free Culture)
Green Crescent Society. (Turkey)
Kieltolakiliito (Prohibition Law League) (Finland)
La Croix d’Or d’Alsace et de Lorraine. (The Gold Cross of Alsace and Lorraine) France
temperance organizations around the worlsLiga Antialcoolica da Provincia de Zambique (Antialcoholic League of the Province of Mozambique)
Liga Nacional contra el Alcoholismo. (National League against Alcohol) (Panama)
National Citizens’ Council (Scotland)
Prohibition League of Chinese Students in America.
Social Service Board of the Episcopal Church in Scotland.
World League Against Alcoholism. (U.S.)
World Prohibition Federation. (England)

Anti-Liquor League of Western Australia.
Deutscher Bund Abstinenter Frauen. (German Society of Abstaining Women)
Victorian Anti-Liquor League. (Australia)
Woman’s Antialcoholic League. (Guatemala)

Centralraadet for Kvinnornas Forbuds Arbete. (Women’s Central Prohibition Federation)
Deutsche Reichshauptstelle gegen den Alcoholismus. (German Central Office Against Alcoholism)
Deutscher Verein gegen den Alcoholismus. (German Society against Alcoholism)
Federation Internationale des Socialistes Abstinente. (International Federation of Abstaining Socialists) (Switzerland)
Liga Nacional contra o Alcoholismo. (National League against Alcoholism) (Brazil)
Segretariato Nazionale Italiano Contro l’Alcoismo. (National Italian Secretariate against Alcoholism)
Tasmanian Prohibition League. (Australia)
World Student Federation Against Alcoholism. (Switzerland)
Zugerislcher Verein gegen den Missbrauch geistiger Getranke. (Zug Society against the Abuse of Spiritous Liquors)

Liga Nacional Antialcoholica. (National Antialcoholic League)

temperance organizations around the world
“Pussyfoot” Johnson, after whom the Pussyfoot-Selskabet was named

Abstinente Schweitzerische Burschenschaft. A Swiss society of abstaining students.
Business Women’s Prohibition League (Australia)
Citizens’ Alliance of Massachusetts
National League for Christian Temperance Work (Finland)
Pussyfoot-Selskabet. (Pussyfoot Society) (Denmark)
Rhode Island Civic Safety League.
Scottish Temperance and No-Licence Union.
Woman’s National Committee for Law Enforcement. (U.S.)

Deutscher Abstinene Orden. (German Abstinence Order)
Temperance Union of Siam.
United Committee for Prohibition Enforcement. (U.S.)

Deutscher Bund Enhaltsamer Erzieher. (German League of Abstaining Educators)
Lithuanian Abstinence Council.
Ontario Women’s Prohibition Committee.
Scottish Temperance Alliance.
West Australian Prohibition League.

temperance group1925
Stortingets Avholdsgruppe. (Abstinence Group of the Storting) (Norway)

Bann Bandalag (Prohibition League) (Iceland)
Prohibition League of India.

League of Abstainers. (Turkey)
Nordiska Kvinnorbundet for Alkoholfri Kultur. (Northern Women’s Temperance League)
Quebec League Against Alcoholism.
South African Railways and Harbors Temperance Union.

Workers’ Anti-Liquor League. (New Zealand)
Probation Temperance Society (U.S.)
Student Sobriety Society. (U.S.)

Board of Temperance Strategy. (U.S.)
National Conference of Organizations Supporting the 18th Amendment. (U.S.)


II. Index of Temperance Organizations around the World

Australia: 1832, 1838(2),1839, 1840, 1841, 1842(5), 1844, 1849, 1853, 1856, 1857(2), 1870, 1876, 1878. 1881, 1883, 884, 1885(3), 1890, 1891, 1904, 1916, 1918(2), 1920(3), 1921, 1922, 1924.

Austria: 1884, 1899, 1901, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1911.

Bahamas: 1881.

Belgium: 1879, 1884, 1895, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1904, 1912.

Bermuda: 1918.

Brazil: 1921.

Bulgaria: 1887, 1893.

Burma: 1911.

Canada: 1827, 1828(2), 1833, 1836, 1839, 1840, 1844, 1847, 1853, 1858(2), 1863, 1869, 1870. 1875, 1876, 1883, 1886, 1890, 1892, 1896, 1907, 1908, 1924, 1927.

Chile: 1889, 1891, 1892, 1899, 1902.

Czechoslovakia: 1907, 1908, 1919.

Denmark: 1879, 1885, 1888, 1889, 1897, 1900, 1912, 1918, 1922.

Egypt: 1905.

England: 1820, 1830(3), 1831, 1832, 1833(2), 1835(3), 1836(2), 1837(2), 1839(2), 1840(3), 1842, 1843(3), 1845, 1847(2), 1848(2)1853(2). 1854, 1856(3), 1858, 1860, 1861(4), 1862, 1863(2), 1865, 1866, 1873, 1874(3), 1876(4), 1877(2), 1878, 1879, 1880. 1882(2), 1883, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1891(2), 1893(2), 1895(2), 1896(2), 1897, 1900, 1901(2), 1905, 1907,1909, 1915(2), 1916, 1917, 1919.

Estonia: 1889(2).

Finland: 1883, 1884, 1905, 1919, 1922,

France: 1861, 1872(2), 1895(2), 1900(2), 1903(2), 1914, 1916, 1919(2).

Germany: 1883, 1896, 1903(2), 1904, 1919, 1920, 1921(2), 1923, 1924.

Guatemala: 1917, 1920.

Iceland: 1926.

India: 1840, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1888, 1890, 1891, 1895, 1876(2), 1904, 1908, 1926.

Ireland: 1817, 1829(3), 1835, 1837, 1840, 1851, 1858, 1864, 1864, 1866, 1874, 1875(2), 1876, 1894, 1898, 1909, 1914, 1917, 1918.

Italy: 1913, 1921.

Japan: 1875, 1897.

Latvia: 1891.

Lithuania: 1908, 1924.

Luxemburg: 1898.

Mexico: 1902.

Mozambique: 1919.

Netherlands: 1842(2), 1876, 1882, 1893(2), 1900, 1909, 1916.

New Zealand: 1869, 1886, 1891, 1928.

Panama: 1919.

Peru: 1895, 1899, 1912.

Poland: 1902, 1903.

Russia: 1890. 1895.

Scotland: 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1838, 1844, 1849, 1850, 1858, 1859, 1887, 1901, 1919(2), 1922, 1924.

Serbia: 1907.

Siam: 1894, 1923.

South Africa: 1873, 1889, 1917, 1927.

Spain: 1911.

Sweden: 1837(2), 1888, 1896(2), 1901, 1902, 1906, 1907.

Switzerland: 1838, 1877(2), 1892, 1893(3), 1894, 1895(2), 1898, 1899(3), 1900(2), 1902(3), 1906(2), 1907, 1911(2), 1917, 1921(3), 1922.

Turkey: 1919, 1927.

United States: 1804, 1805(2), 1808, 1811, 1813(3), 1815, 1826(3), 1827, 1828(3), 1829, 1832(2), 1833(8), 1834, 1835, 1836(2), 1837(2). 1838, 1839(2), 1840, 1842, 1843, 1845, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1851, 1852, 1853, 1855, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1865(3), 1867. 1868, 1869(2), 1870, 1871, 1872(3), 1874(2), 1875, 1876(2), 1877(2), 1879(2), 1881(2), 1882(2), 1883, 1885(4), 1886(3), 1887, 1888(3), 1889(3), 1890(2). 1891(2), 1893, 1894, 1895(2), 1896(2), 1897(3), 1898, 1900, 1901(3), 1902(2), 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1912. 1913(2), 1915, 1916(2), 1917, 1919(4), 1922(3), 1923, 1928(2), 1930(2).

Uruguay: 1915.

Wales: 1836, 1838, 1841, 1886 (also see England).


III. Resources on Temperance Organizations around the World


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