Temperance Songs Promoted Temperance Through Music

Temperance songs were very important to the temperance movement. In the 19th century the world was a very different place. There was no TV, movies, radio, personal computers, and no internet.


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I. Background

Temperance songs were very popular during the 1800s. The movement was growing strong. Also, the US was a nation of singers. They sang at churches, revivals, rallies, camp meetings, club meetings, at home, and elsewhere. It was a popular form of entertainment in a time with few diversions.

Temperance leader Frances Willard stressed the importance of temperance songs. She believed that “the magic power of song” should be exploited. “Song is a sentiment maker and…every chorus rendered at a public entertainment ought to add new converts to the cause of Temperance.”

Also the commitment of supporters could be maintained through temperance songs. This could be at rallies, meetings, churches, parades, and elsewhere.

temperance songs
Frances Willard

Over time the goals of the temperance movement changed. It originally called for temperance or moderation. At the time, this meant avoiding distilled spirits (liquor). But beer and wine were seen acceptable, even healthful in moderation. (People didn’t know this fact. Standard drinks of beer, wine and spirits all contain the same amount of pure alcohol.)

But later all alcoholic beverages were seen as bad. The temperance movement was no longer about moderation. Its name had become a misnomer.


Protestant churches became involved in the temperance movement. They began to see drinking alcohol as bad. Then they saw it as a sin. This, of course, supported the newer objection against all alcohol.

But it created a problem. Jesus had made and consumed wine. Churches had to deal with this problem. So they came up with the “two-wine” doctrine.

When Jesus made or drank “wine,” it was simply grape juice. And when the Bible made positive references to “wine,” it was really only grape juice. But any negative statements about wine referred to fermented grape juice.

Early temperance activists saw the problem at the individual level. “Drunkards” lacked moral strength. Sobriety could be achieved through religion. Thus, early temperance songs reflected that view.

As time passed, more and more people saw the solution at a societal level. There were more calls for government to prohibit alcohol.

Lyrics began to stress this, as in the song “Prohibition.”

Hark! the world is hoarse with wailing.
Lamentations unavailing.
For today is heap’d with sorrow,
And there’s more to come tomorrow.

Prohibition, prohibition.
O! ’tis worth all repetition.
Naught will curb our sad condition,
Short of total prohibition.

Oh! thou earth and thou great heaven,
Are no means of rescue given?
Yes, there are on one condition.
Yes, there are with prohibition
Talk no more of mere restriction.
Do not trifle with conviction.
We may fence the regulation,
It must come to prohibition.

The call for prohibition encouraged political activism. This can be seen in “Vote as You Pray.”

Can you go on thus my brother.
While praying day by day.
“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,”
And yet not vote as you pray?
Do not cease from prayer, no never!
But pray on while you may.
But if you would know your pray’r is heard,
Be sure to vote as you pray.
Let us wake from this delusion.
That praying will win the day.
Unless our prayer and votes agree.
Then always vote as we pray.

The Woman’s Christian Union (WCTU) promoted what it called Scientific Temperance Instruction. The goal was to make the coming generations “trained haters of alcohol.” This intent can be seen in “The Future Law-Makers.”

I’m a little “Loyal” legion boy/girl.
I’m only ten years Old.
But in the cause of temperance,
My name has been enrolled.

We are growing up you see,
And we’ll help the temperance cause.
When we’re twenty-one, you see, then we’ll make the laws.
Oh! then we’ll make the laws. Oh! then we’ll make the laws.
Yes, when we’re twenty-one. Oh! then we’ll make the laws.

I don’t know much about the curse,
But this I know full well.
That wine and cider, gin and rum,
They should never sell.

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