United Repeal Council: Discover Its Role in Promoting Repeal

The United Repeal Council promoted repeal of National Prohibition in the U.S. It was an advisory group of leaders of several important groups promoting Repeal.

It was formed early in 1931. It was to lobby for Repeal planks at both the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

The Council selected Pierre du Pont as its chair. It probably represented 2,500,000 people. Its long-range strategy was to promote the election of politicians who supported Repeal.

United Repeal Council
Council member Pauline Sabin

In hindsight, no long-range plans were needed. The failure of Prohibition and the serious problems it created soon led 74% of American voters to reject it.  Repeal occurred in 1933.

Prohibition was a great failure. More important, it created many very serious problems. Yet today, almost one of every five adults in the U.S. favors making drinking illegal. Even more support neo-prohibitionism. That’s why so many relics of Prohibition remain even now.

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