Innocent Drivers Harmed

Unreliable breath tests unjustly harm innocent drivers. Strict enforcement of DWI and DUI laws is essential. It increases public safety and reduces needless injuries and deaths. But we must prevent innocent drivers from unreliable breathalyzer tests.

unreliable Breathalyzer Tests

Unreliable breathalyzer tests can provide falsely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results. In fact, these devices don’t actually measure BAC.  They only estimate it. The same is true for urine, saliva, and other so-called tests. The only actual test of BAC level requires a sample of blood.

An ad on busses simply states: “Impaired Driving Lawyers” along with a telephone number and website address. This enraged MADD officials. They insist that the availability of legal counsel is harmful. That it’s “the message that it’s OK to drink and drive, because you can get away with it.'” Of course, it also sends the message that DWI can lead to expensive legal troubles. In any case, it’s important to protect the innocent. The US Constitution demands it.  

Unreliable Breath Tests


Field Sobriety Tests
Faulty Breath Testers

Impaired driving is both dangerous and illegal. These books provide guidance on maintaining a low BAC level. They also provide information to protect the legal rights of all drivers.