Alcoholic Jokes: Jokes by Alcoholics & Non-alcoholics

alcoholic jokes

Hope you enjoy these alcoholic jokes! Alcoholism is a serious problem but humor makes it easier to deal with. And we’re laughing with, rather than at, alcoholics. Alcoholic Jokes. Alcoholics decide how much beer to drink on case-by-case basis. The alcoholic comedian quit because he couldn’t handle the boos. My AA sponsor told me to …

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Alcohol and Dementia Risk: Is There a Link?

drinking and dementia

What’s the connection between drinking alcohol and dementia risk? That’s a very important question. Could either increasing or decreasing drinking reduce it? Dementia is a serious burden on loved ones. It’s also a serious burden on the economy. And in recent decades the global prevalence of dementia has nearly tripled.  The Research Researchers wanted to …

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Bar Jokes (Walks into a Bar Jokes)

alcohol jokes

Bar jokes are fun to read and to tell. Pick your favorites to share with friends and family. These are all “walks into a bar jokes.” So enjoy! A tennis ball walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Have you been served?” Two quotation marks walk into a “bar.” A pun, a play on words, and …

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Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Is It Alcoholism?

alcohol harm paradox

What is Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD? Is it just a new name for alcoholism? Or is it something else? Here are the facts. DSM: Alcohol Use Disorder Doctors and mental health professionals use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). They use it because it defines mental disorders and illnesses. The fifth …

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Recovery Jokes & AA Effectiveness

recovery jokes

Alcoholism isn’t funny. But those in recovery find it easier with humor. In any case, hope you enjoy these recovery jokes! I. Recovery Jokes  A one time I so addicted to soap. Now I’m clean. I used to be addicted to Thanksgiving leftovers. Had to quit cold turkey. Why did the accountant do so well …

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